Cloth nappies come in various types on this page we go through the types of cloth nappies from fabrics and how they work.

Pocket nappies

Pocket nappies are basically a waterproof outer with either a suedecloth or fleece liner attached to the cover to keep baby dry, there is a slot in the fabric usually in the back in which a absorbant pad is placed into the pocket.
They are very adaptable as more stuffing (inserts) can be added for a heavy wetter, long journey or for overnight, or removed to make the nappy more trim for daytime, when adding more inserts make sure that the nappy still fits well in the leg openings.
Popular nappy inserts are made from microfibre, hemp and bamboo or a combination my favourate was a microfibre insert with either a bamboo or hemp insert or booster underneath.
The inserts usually removed from the pocket when putting them in your bucket or wetbag ready for washing, in some nappies like the thirsties pocket nappy have a pocket opening at the front and back allowing inserts to come out during washing.
As the nappy comes apart for washing they dry quicker then a all in one,
Once stuffed they go on in one piece like a disposable or an all in one cloth nappy
You can either buy them as birth to potty nappy or in different sizes

All in ones

These nappies are washed, dried and put on in one piece and are the easiest nappy to use, but they can take longer to dry
Some have a pocket in them to allow them to be boosted easily. Some all in ones do come apart for easy washing and quicker drying such as Itti Bittis.

Two part Nappies

The absorbant nappy is shaped like a disposable and is made from various materials including terry, bamboo, hemp, microfibre and velour
They fasten around baby with either aplix, snaps or nippa nappa
They can be sized (usually 2 sizes) or birth to potty
I would recommend the use of either a paper or fleece liner to keep baby dry
As the nappy is not waterproof a wrap is needed to go on the top, these fasten with snaps or aplix
Usually 1 wrap per 4-5 nappies
This type of nappy system has excellent containment as leaks of both types have to get through 2 sets of elastic

Flat nappies

There are 2 types of flat nappy - the prefold and the flat terry square:-


These are what many nappy laundering companies use, as they are very hard wearing, they often come in two or more sizes and as they can often be passed onto other children they are very economical
They are basiclly a flat nappy that has 3 sections to it with the middle section having more layers of cotton for absorbancy
They can be folded in a variety of ways depending on whether the baby/child is a boy, girl or is a newborn with liquid poo, the folded nappy is then placed into a gusseted wrap
A fleece or paper liner is advisable to keep baby dry

Terry Squares

These are the traditional nappy the type that my mum used on me!
However there are now variations instead of just cotton they can now be organic cotton or bamboo that stays nice and soft and dries quite quickly so you can have the benefits of bamboo nappies without the long drying time
These nappies are now available in a newborn size( 40cm X 40cm),baby size (50cm X 50cm) and the toddler (60cm X 60cm)
Traditionally they were 60cm X 60cm, and were used from birth to potty but folded in different ways
They can be passed onto other children or the small ones can be used as boosters or pocket inserts when the child is older
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