There are 4 types of nappy fastening

Please use the following information to decide which suits you best
Most nappies usually come with a choice it is very much a personal choice I prefer velcro but my partner prefers the poppers
When starting out i recommend you try one of each before buying large amounts of one type

Nappy pin

The traditonal nappy pin are used to hold terry nappies in place
You may need 1 or 2 on the nappy depending on the nappy fold and size of baby
They have a safety catch to stop them opening accidently

Nappi nippas

An excellent replacement for the traditional nappy pin
They were invented by a dad who was fed up of stabbing himself with the pins
They are a stretchy rubber `T` shape that fixes onto the nappy in three places giving a good fit irrespective of babies size
They are hard for toddlers to undo and flex when baby moves
This a trade name, there are other makes available which works in a similar way

Snaps (poppers)

Most birth to potty nappies use snaps to adjust the rise(height) of the nappy
They can also be used to fit the nappy around the waist and in the case of fuzzi bunz perfect size and minky side snaps sized nappies there are two sets of snaps,
one for the waist and one to adjust the size of the leg casings
Most toddlers find snaps hard to undo.

Aplix( also known as velcro and hook and loop)

This is very easy to use and can be adjusted easily to suit any baby
With aplix it is just like putting on a disposable and it is what most non cloth users find easiest to use so ideal for nurseries, chldminders and babysitters etc
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