The Funky Monkey would love to say a huge thank you for ordering from us so he is sharing his lovely Cloth Coins. You collect 3 Cloth Coins for every £1 you spend with us sometimes though he will offer double points and bonus coins for writing reviews or spending a certain amount so keep a look out on his Cloth Coin page, newsletters and social media for events.


Collecting your Cloth Coins

Save them up for something special, a toy for Christmas? That nappy that you don’t really need but would love to have? – I have been there myself, too many nappies but I just had to order my ‘Blue the Thing’ nappy.

You will not collect cloth coins when you buy gift certificates. Points are not collected on postage paid.

You will  earn Cloth Coins by using a gift certificate.

You will not earn Cloth Coins from postage costs.  


Spending your cloth coins

You can spend your cloth coins on most items except postage and gift certificates.

All items will have their value in points shown when you have enough coins to buy a item in your cart.

If you want to use your coins towards a order but don't have enough to pay for a product please contact us and we will change the value of your coins into a gift certificate for you. 


Returns, Refunds and Cloth Coins

If you return part or all of your order then your points will be adjusted accordingly.

When returning part of an order that earned you extra points as part of a promotion, if upon being refunded your total payment falls beneath the requirement for the bonus points, any additional points you earned on the transaction will be deducted from your account.


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