various styles including wraps, prefolds, etc


various brands


bibs, bowls, beakers, etc


sleeping bags, rompers, hats, etc

baby carriers

lenny lamb, tula, close caboo, kinderpack and manduca XT


Wetbags, changing mats, nappy accessories

plastic free

coffee cups, straws etc


CSP, cups, nursing pads, etc

eco home

laundry and cleaning


sunlotion, toothpaste and bath products

Cloth ABC - Are you confused with all of the cloth nappy lingo?  Not sure where to start?  We’re here to help you master the art of cloth napping! Click here to read our cloth ABC information to help you successfully cloth nappy your baby! - Learn More!
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Help & AdviceBecause we know it is confusing getting started!

I know it can be confusing when buying cloth nappies as there are so many different types and materials, so we have put together several information pages to help get you started but if you need any more help or individual advice please contact me by phone, email or through the contact us page

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